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Welcome to Traditions

"Traditions" specialises in custom made Floral Jewellery, Bouquets, Buttonholes and Garlands, which will be designed and made according to your day! Founded in 2000, by a great women, my mother Luthfa Aziz, has always created great handmade decorations for friends and family members for their mehndi day, and made many occasions look and feel special, including mine.


Inspired by asian Brides, "Traditions" is hoping to bring the traditional look back in London, especially for the gaye holud/ mehndi day. Using simple materials and modern design to make you look unique on this special day.


The gaye holud/mehndi day is the first of the celebrations in a traditional asian wedding and our aim is to make the bridal jewellery with fresh flowers or silk according to your style, and your choice of colours, specifically for that day.